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Offerbus was a natural outgrowth of Plamen's earlier efforts as a mobile app developer where he witnessed first-hand the challenges of engaging and retaining users. Most recently, he founded mobiPe which created applications that provide iOS and Android users with new opportunities for communication. Releases include Vently, a chat app that allows users to blow off steam; sh8r, for sharing and storing media; and the mobiPe online community. Prior to that he co-founded in 2005, a Venture-backed startup Mobileplay, a pioneering mobile community and ad network that was acquired by Visto (Now Good Technology) in 2008.

The Offerbus platform, which combines a virtual currency wallet, rich media messaging management, user activity tracking and robust reward dynamics, is designed to foster the highest levels of engagement and retention. With 700,000 plus apps in the Google and Apple marketplaces, and increasingly higher costs of user acquisition, retention and engagement have emerged as the foremost challenges of app developers, publishers and brand managers alike.

Adapting a behavioral model developed by Stanford’s Persuasive Lab, Offerbus helps brands and developers seamlessly integrate an engagement fabric into their application experiences. Customizable, personal trigger notifications paired with a virtual currency reward wallet and digital goods marketplace maximize engagement and retention by encouraging habitual use.

Our platform also incentivizes the sharing of those engaging experiences across social media. This both reinforces usage (the more friends and family you have using an app, the more likely you are to retain and use it yourself) and increases free distribution opportunities-- giving marketers a double return on ROI.

Regardless of your engagement issue, or which user activities you desire to incentivize and reward, Offerbus has a solution for you that will make for happier, satisfied and more engaged customers and a stronger bottom line.

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Gerald Jay Sanders

Gerald Jay ("Jerry") Sanders, a member of the New York and California Bar Associations, is a former Navy SEAL, Intelligence Officer, and Senior Counsel and Advisor to foreign (non-US) governments. He is the founder and Managing Director of San Francisco Science™, a storied technology company. He is also the Chairman and CEO of SkyTran Inc., a NASA Space Act Company.

An honors graduate of Queens College and of The University of Texas Law School, Sanders holds postgraduate Certificates in German Socio-economics from The Goethe Institute of Bonn, Germany, and in Comparative Constitutional Law from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico. He is the subject of a popular Harvard Business School case study on entrepreneurship (The Jerry Sanders Case, HBS 9-498-021 January 20, 1998). He serves as an Associate Fellow and lecturer at Oxford University’s Saïd Graduate School of Business.

Jerry is an advisor to the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) and to its Graduate Business Schools consortia for the globalization of technology development. He is the founder of FASE: The French American Society of Entrepreneurs, the sponsor and host of the annual "FACE", the French American Conference of Entrepreneurs, also known as the "Louvre Conference". Jerry also serves as US State Department accredited Honorary Consul for The Republic of Haiti. In that role, Jerry was instrumental in California's earthquake relief efforts for Haiti.

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