Cross-Platform Virtual Currency Wallet

At the core of all our incentive and monetization solutions is a robust, secure multi-platform virtual currency wallet which can be leveraged for a variety of programs.

Incentivized Referrals

Our incentivized referral programs allow you to reward your users with virtual currency and third party or proprietary digital goods for sharing your product with their friends.

  • Customize your rewards for each product.
  • Choose from our catalog of dozens of top quality gift cards and digital rewards including Amazon, iTunes and Starbucks gift cards, Facebook credits, etc. for the broadest appeal.
  • Multi-level fraud controls give you confidence users are not gaming the system or committing fraud.
  • Global offerings ensure that you can provide the right incentives regardless of where your customers are located.

Enhanced Offer Monetization

Our turnkey mediated offer wall solution brings together best of breed offer providers with top quality third-party digital goods to maximize the earning potential of your app, website or internet service. Our solution is the only true cross-platform offering that allows your customers to link accounts and activities across desktop, Android and iOS devices.

  • Increase revenues 2X-3X
  • Powerful algorithms insure that your customers are seeing the most targeted offers, allowing you to maximize offer completions and revenues.
  • Digital Goods Marketplace

    Our unique white label Digital Goods Marketplace allows you to continue earning offer revenues even after your users have purchased your product, subscription or service.

    • Easily double or triple the amount of revenue you are earning from offer completions.
    • Increase usage and stickiness by giving users a reason to return to your app or service.
  • Secondary Install Program

    Monetize (or subsidize the cost) of your install with our Secondary Installer. Our “scan, detect and recommend” (SDR)™ technology delivers the most relevant apps and a better experience to your users. This combined with superior splash page design means we monetize at 3X-4X traditional ad placements. Also ask us about running partner co-marketing exchange programs at low or no cost.

  • Custom Incentives Programs

    Use our powerful platform to reward any action on your app or service. Whether you want to increase usage, expand viral sharing or enhance user engagement, our turnkey rewards solution allows you to foster the desired behavior while keeping user fraud to a minimum.

  • Mobile Solutions

    All of our products and services are designed to work equally well on desktop and mobile devices.

    • Our multi-platform SDKs are quick and easy to implement.
    • Engage users across all major devices and platforms: PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

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